Best websites for learning Korean

Thanks to k-pop music and k-drama TV, the Korean language is on the rise. An unbeliavable amount of people is studying Korean worldwide and it comes as no surprise that there is also a large number of blogs and websites devoted to this fascinating language. Here following, I list the ones that helped me more when I begun to study Korean.

How to study Korean is presented by its author as a website “designed to teach you how to speak Korean – plain and simple – from your very first steps all the way to being able to speak Korean fluently”. Quite a bold statement, for sure, but the website is actually comprehensive, well-designed, well-structured and very clear so…

Strongly suggested if you are looking for a website that can actually replace a paper textbook and can lead you from the first steps all the way down to fluency.

Learn Korean Language is another website that can lead you from the very basic to a quite good level of linguistic competence.

As for “How to study Korean”, this site is strongly suggested if you are looking for a website that can replace a textbook and can lead you from the first steps to fluency.

The following websites are somehow less ambitiouses (or less bold) but still contain a lot of very good resources and can be of great help if used together with the previously mentioned ones. Most of them offer online lessons for the registered (and paying) users.

When speaking of online lessons and online schools, we have to mention at least the most famouses: and

… and, of course, the real one “reference website” for learning Korean:

Frankly, if you really want to learn the Korean language, you should at least visit and explore with great attentions these websites. Each of them has at least a small gem hidden in its pages.

Nowadays, the interest for the Korean language is so high and so diffused that even the most honorables online encyclopedias have devoted a large amount of pages to this topic.

Wikipedia (here seen through Wikiwand), offers an incredible amount of information regarding the language. If you just want to have a look at this fascinating language, this is the place to start from.

The Wikimedia Foundation offers as well a real, comprehensive course of Korean:

and a few other support projects:

The most interesting website based on the “wiki” technology is probably “The Korean Wiki Project”: .

If (or when) you feel ready for a monolingual dictionary, try this:

The wiki is a all-Korean, comprehensive website for the learners. Shocking at first (for an european or america student) but very useful.

This leads us straight to the most important, most useful, most comprehensive and most famous monolingual website of the whole Korean world: . is a one-stop website for all of the Korean-speaking people. Here you can find the best search engine for the Korean speaking community, the best maps of (South) Korea, news, articles and every other thing or service you can imagine.

Its translator, in particular, is much better (and moree reliable) than Google’s one.

Naver also offers the best online dictionary of the Korean language I have seen so far. Simply indispensable.

The well-known website has recently devoted a section to the Korean language. I find it very useful for the most subtle questions regarding this language. You can find it here: .

Speaking of native-speaker support, I have to mention Italki: is a well-known website for online person-to-person lessons of languages and it also offers a very fine forum system devoted to questions and answers regarding languages. Most people consider it a last resort for language-related dubts.

Last, I have to mention . This websites allows you to watch a number of TV series, cartoons, movies and other media-related resources in Korean language. It is perfect when you want to practice the language listening.

That’s all for today, folks. Stay tuned…

Alessandro Bottoni

Best websites for learning Korean