Best video blogs for learning Korean

Once you have learned the basics of Hangul and the basics of Korean, you will have to face the problem of pronunciation. I’m sure you will agree with me that the only way to really learn how to pronunce a language in a intelligible way is listening as many native speakers as you can and, if possible, speaking to them.

If you do not live in Korea, it will be almost impossible to meet any native Korean speaker for the trivial, very statistical reason that virtually all Korean-speaking people live on the Korean territory. It is quite hard to meet Korean native speakers in the US and it is almost impossible to find one in Europe. For this reason, you will have to rely heavily on the Internet and the World Wide Web for this task.

The first vlog I found on YouTube was: “Sweet and tasty TV” by Professor Mina Oh:

Mina Oh is a brilliant teacher and a talented actress. Her videos always have that creative “touch” that tell them apart from any other one. The creative component of these videos makes them extremely persistent in you memory and very effective. Each video is split in two halves: a “theory” part, with all of the required grammatical details, and a “show” part, with a mini-drama that allows you to see the element of the language in use. This second part is usually quite funny and really helps you to understand the concept and to remember it. Strongly suggested.

By far, the best known and the biggest video blog devoted to the korean language is “Talk to me in Korean”:

Talk to me in Korean is a real business: a “factory” of high-quality videos and books. The team is composed by totally bilingual speakers who were born in South Korea and grown up between USA and South Korea so the quality level of the lessons is the best  you can find on the Web. This team has written so many books during the last few years, and has published so many videos, that it is now considered the de facto “reference group” for this topic and is usually referred to as “TTMIK” on the Web. You can find their books at the TTMIK official store:

"Talk to me in Korean" official Store
“Talk to me in Korean” official Store


“Talk to me in Korean” is also a Web-based language school. You can buy and schedule lessons from their website.

The community of users created a lot of additional tools and resources related to this “project” so, if you search for “TTMIK” on the Internet, you will find a lot more stuff.

“Learn Korean with Korean From Zero!” is the video blog associated with the book series “Korean from Zero” by George Trombley and is one of my preferred source of information.

In particular, have a look at his “Korean in five” series. Short, effective and funny.

Keep in mind that “Korean from Zero” is a well-know web site and is usually reffered as “KFZ”. You will find a lot of addtional tools and information related to this site on the Internet.

There are a lot more web site, video blogs and YouTube channel but here I want to mention just a last one:  “Learn Korean with GO! Billy Korean”. This is the video blog associated with the book series “Korean made simple” by Billy go. You can find it here:

In my opinion, Billy Go made a great job in designing a learning path for this language and most of his solutions can be of great help for the absolute beginners.

That’s all for today, folks. Stay tuned…

Alessandro Bottoni

Best video blogs for learning Korean

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